Thursday, June 25, 2020

Matt Par's YouTube Training. Honest REVIEW | Is Matt Par Legit?

I had been contemplating starting a YouTube channel for probably 5 years.  

Actually it’s probably longer than that if we count the times hanging out with

friends and joking about starting channels together and following a whim. 

Tried this, tried that...nothing serious.  No dedication. 

I’d get distracted and find another project or sign up for some other course

online for creating an online business.  

Eventually the YouTube algorithms knew what to feed me and I’d end up

watching lots of videos of other doing things. 

But then COVID hit the world and I knew something had to change. 

Since I work directly with people in my job, I knew that it couldn’t function during

the lock-down and I’d have some free time.  

As fate would have it, that’s exactly when I found Matt Par and what he

has to offer. 

I signed up for his free 1-hour training: 

How To Make Money On YouTube WITHOUT Recording Videos.

The irony of this training’s title didn’t escape me. 

But I knew there were ways of creating YouTube channels WITHOUT

ever showing your face.

In the free training, at first, what he talked about I knew. 

Was this going to be a waste of time? 

But as his training progressed thru the hour, I realized that there were a host

of new angles and approaches for building YouTube that I had never heard of. 

Plus free tools I didn’t know existed or how to use.

And I was someone who would watch (at that time) probably 3-5 videos daily on

building YouTube channels and earning passive income. Lots of ideas

and scattered knowledge. But never took any real action. I just dreamed.

I quickly saw that there’s a bunch to doing this that the other guys on YouTube

AREN'T sharing. 

I was grateful to attend Par's training.

FREE TRAINING:  How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Recording Videos.

This revelation coupled with the fact that I knew my new free time was not a given

was enough for me to take the plunge and sign up for his complete training course.  

Carpe Diem

I immediately devoured it and watched all of his training modules.  There was

enough there that I watched them 3 times straight. I was motivated this time to make

this work.

Right away I was impressed with all the detail he gives each step of training.

But it’s more than that, they are not just complete, he explains it in simple terms

that allow you to follow and understand why each step is there.  

What’s YouTube is thinking and how it works inside, why would you do this

and that, how can you do this for free and what should you be aware of?

His training modules cover all of this. 

It gives you the freedom to find your own niche and video format, yet,

somehow he covers all of that and he provides the outlines and tools needed

as well for exploring and developing a YouTube channel as a business.  

I’ve got to say it’s really impressive.  I’ve joined other courses online before and

have felt like they were holding back or that the course was incomplete. 

I don’t feel that with Par’s course.

Now my goal is to get my YouTube channel as far along as I can doing daily

videos. Then once things are set, or it starts making good money,

I will take it to the automation stage where others are doing the leg work

for me and I’m just coming up with the ideas.

Par shows exactly how to do this.

This is what he does and why he can run 9 YouTube channels and only

put in about 3 hours per day to sustain them.  

He shows you free online tools you can build with, and then resource sites

where he finds writers and editors or whatever he needs. 

He even goes over how much to offer to pay each one.  

Start here:

FREE TRAINING:  How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Recording Videos.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that along with taking the course come entry to

his private Facebook mastermind group: Tube Mastery and Monetization.  

The daily support found in the group is maybe the most important part

to the group.

Because you’re going to have questions.  That’s to be expected.  

This group is full of experts and newbies as well as Matt Par himself and

it’s an unending source of support to answer questions and get new ideas. 

They share their experiences like one student who makes multiple YouTube

channels constantly and just shared how important finding the right niche can be. 

She’s laser focused, has been doing this for a while and well, already has

over 80,000 views on one of her new channels within a month

Performance like this is not typical, but this is the level of people that you have

daily access to for help and support. Being able to pick her brain about

how-to's and why's is worth so much.

Additionally, the course is evolving.  He’s always adding to it. 

Once you’re in the course, you have access for life.

I’d recommend first going to his free 1-hour training. 

Get a feel for what he’s about at no cost to you.

Learn some YouTube secrets in the process.

Then, if you want more go from there and make an

intelligent decision for yourself.

FREE TRAINING:  How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Recording Videos.


Sunday, June 21, 2020

YouTube Channel Microphones (TONOR TC-777 vs Blue Yeti)

Q:  How much of a role does the Voice Over play for a new channel which is focus on sports and gameplay?

A:  A big role for monetization.  You can clips things together and create a compilation.  But YouTube wants more value these days.  Voice overs are very important.  (but it doesn't need to be complicated)  YouTube viewers tolerate bad video image better than bad sound quality.

In other words, they will be more likely to stay on your channel if the sound is good.

Q:  Do I need an expensive mic?

A:  Not really.  Quality mics really need to be respected and are incredible.  

However, the tech has come so far these days that you can get a quality mic for doing voice overs for a much smaller price tag than just a couple of years ago.

If you want very good quality for around $140, you might consider a Blue Yeti mic.  

They sound great, connect with USB right into your computer.  Very simple to use.  They can pick up sound directly infront of them or you can adjust so it collects sounds from all angles.  Blue Yeti mics are well reviewed and very widely used.  

The one note is that they tend can pick up too much background noise.  They are THAT sensitive.  But don't let this stop you, it's just THAT good of a mic for an incredible price.  

But if you're concerned about background noise being an issue, you may want to proceed with caution.

For general YouTubing, without concern about a bit of background, there are perfectly fine mics under $50.

The best example of this is easily the TONOR TC-777.

The TONOR TC-777 is a quality mic and, frankly, surprisingly fantastic.  It plugs into your computers USB and you're ready to go.  No software, no fuss.

This mic is a best seller on Amazon for a reason and at under $50, it's a steal.  

Tonor has a history for making quality mic's at reasonable rates. 

This model sounds incredible. I use it right from my laptop and my Voice-Overs sound great.  I don't feel any need to go into my tiny recording room to lay down tracks and modulate them.  Very satisfied customer.

Connection is right to the USB, no software; my computer recognized it the first time, and off I went.

Full blown condenser mic that requires no additional software.  It comes with a shock absorbing stand, a pop filter, a very sturdy metal tripod, and usb cord.

You'll find the sound crisp and smooth.  This is a good mic at a very good price.

Definitely one to consider for beginner or pro.  Here's your link.  

In either case, you'll probably want to edit your audio and modulate just a bit to create good, full quality.  Not a deal breaker, but an idea.

Audacity is the most used and it's freeware you can download.  There are a ton of tutorials on it within YouTube. 

Hey, wanna learn how to create a YouTube channel without ever showing your face?  Not even film videos and still get paid?

You can use videos that others have already made and make them profitable. 
Discover how to create an automated channel that can get monetized.  Free 1-hour webinar sign up here.

Friday, May 22, 2020

How To Monetize a Youtube Channel | Honest Matt Par Review

There’s a young man in California at the forefront of the latest craze on how to monetize with Youtube and he has a free webinar sharing this information.

Before entrepreneur Matt Par was even in high school he was cutting his teeth on Youtube channel creation. 

He started cutting and pasting other people's videos together to form his own content, then used his phone and squeaky young voice to record voice overs and upload his creations to Youtube.  All of this was done while he was still in elementary school. 

Soon, he had carved out a method of creating youtube channels while never showing his face.

He started getting views and some of his videos went viral.  He took time to figure out the anatomy of the viral videos and how he could make more that could go viral.

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

Youtube eventually took note of all his views and granted him a coveted Youtube partnership where the channel creators get share revenue of the ads running on their channel. 

This inspired him to create even more channels using his newly formed method.  Things started to snowball for him. By the time he was in high school Matt Par was making $9000 a month, more than his parents and their adult friends. 

While students were doing homework and soul searching for a career, Par spent his time dissecting Youtube's algorithms and improving upon his game. 

You might say that he was a young Youtube Jedi.

Today, barely past high school, Par has sharpened his skills and crafted his turn-key system for running multiple Youtube channels that are profitable and unique. 

He has other people do the heavy lifting for him and he just comes up with the originating idea.  It’s a digital assembly line. To hear him talk about it is really something else.

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

The idea of making money with Youtube and creating videos without ever showing your face is not new, but it does seem to be a trend that is taught.

But Par has broken it down to a step-by-step method, one that he himself uses over and over to this day. In fact, today he runs 9 Youtube channels and earns over $30,000 a month.

The secret, as he explains, is that his method allows him to set the groundwork for a channel and then pay others to run it with a portion of the revenue.

This may sound outlandish, but it’s real, he’s not the only one doing this.

Par has created a free one-hour webinar on the topic.  If you’re curious about this and want more information about it, I would highly recommend the webinar.  It’s completely free and he goes into details about this methodology and how to rinse and repeat as he has. 

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos 

The training is also a marketing opportunity for him to sell his course and mentorship covering this in even greater detail.

With his course you can actually watch over his should as he works and walks you through this system. Further, this course includes membership to his private Facebook group. This is perhaps one of the biggest values of his course.

The group is full of new students each holding various levels of experience from beginner to not so beginner.  They are very active and answer questions and give advice all under the eye of Par who participates in the group daily.

The only way to get in this private group is to take his course.

Understand, you don’t NEED this training to do YouTube.

You can explore and possibly figure out a chunk of what he offers on your own.

But maybe not all of it. And it will take lots of time. You see, he's been doing

this since he was in grade school.

He's been very successful at getting a new channel off the ground and getting

it monetized by YouTube. He's done it at least 9 times. (more actually).

The point is, it has taken him years of trial and error.

Why not learn from his experience and short-cut the process for yourself and

start making money quicker?

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

So taking the course really holds your hand and gives you a detailed step-by-step plan that can save you time and hassle. This will get you to the point of making money quicker than if you did this on your own. Your call.

Either way, the free webinar is where you should start.  See what he has to say. 

Get some good insight on how to do things yourself and make an informed decision about getting his further help. You’ll find the free sign up for his webinar here. 

You can watch the webinar live or on replay whenever you choose.

If you want to skip the free webinar and go directly to purchase his course, there is a direct link for that down below.

If you do take his Youtube course, here’s an overview of what is included in his teaching modules:   

Module 1 Choosing a Niche

This module teaches you how to find a profitable niche that is worthy of monetization and, importantly, of interest for you.  

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

Module 2 How to Set Up Your Channel For Success

He explains his “Rule of 33” and unveils what he calls the best Youtube tool ever developed.  The module also shows his secret keyword process and strategy for getting the most of Youtube analytics.  

Not to be ignored, this is his very own secret sauce developed through years of trial and error.

This may well be  and maybe the most important element of the entire course.

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

Module 3 Making and Uploading Videos

Here Par shows how to make the videos, which by the way, is most surprising and not how you would expect.  

He also includes an insightful video on the keys on the complete anatomy of a viral video (he has over 70 videos of million+ views).  He also unveils a free video editing system and why he likes it.  

This module is most impressive.

As he explains the why’s of his method, you’ll start to realize that this “kid” is wise beyond his years.  

He’s not just articulate; he’s very bright and able to synthesize Youtube analytics better than others.

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

Module 4 Growth Module

The next module is about growing your YouTube channel and understanding how to read the analytics, what points to pay attention to and how to adjust.  As I said, he’s very good at this.

He shows how a few small tweaks can make all the difference between a few video views and going viral.  

Besides Youtube’s ad review sharing program, Par  goes into detail about other ways to make money with videos such as selling merch and digital products.

Next he has an entire video on how to scale your channel, create your own virtual assembly line that keeps it running and gives you the time to expand into other channels as you desire.

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

The course gives you all the tools you need to create a successful Youtube channel today as well as the top niches to focus on.

But as I mentioned, after going through the information in the course, possibly the best place to grow, is through his Facebook group which is very active daily.

If you want if you are interested in starting a YouTube channel and want one that is fruitful and monetized, it’s at least worth checking out his free webinar, and very possibly worth the much more detailed course he’s offering.

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

10 useful YouTube URL tricks and hacks you should know

YouTube... we all grew up with it, right? 

But did you know that besides searching and watching videos you can do a lot more with the URLs? 

Below are 10 useful URL tricks that are useful to know. From enabling higher quality to direct linking to a location in the video. From automatic playback of an embedded video to downloading YouTube videos.

1. Higher quality video

Nowadays you can switch from normal to high quality while playing your video. But you can also put this directly in the URL. Put behind the URL '& fmt = 18' (stereo, 480 x 270 resolution) or '& fmt = 22' (stereo, 1280 x 720 resolution) for even higher quality.

2. Higher quality video embedding
The first trick only works during playback, but if you also want to embed higher quality videos you need to add the following codes to the embed URL: '& ap =% 2526fmt% 3D18' and '& ap =% 2526fmt% 3D22'

3. Link directly to a location in the video
Don't feel like watching an intro? If the real action in the video only starts at 3 minutes and 22 seconds then you would rather start the video at that time. All you have to do is add '# t = 03m22s' at the end of the URL (# t = XXmYYs for XX minutes and YY seconds).

4. Hide the search engine
If you go over a video with your mouse you will see a search engine in the video nowadays. You can hide this by adding '& showsearch = 0' to the URL.

5. Embed only part of a video
Add '& start = 30' to the URL of the video to skip the first 30 seconds. You can adjust the 30 to the desired number of seconds.

6. Automatically play an embedded video
Normally when you put a video on your website you first have to press play to play it. You can also do this automatically by adding '& autoplay = 1' to the URL.

7. Repeat an embedded video endlessly
Do you want to have a video repeated? Then add '& loop = 1' at the end and this happens automatically.

8. Hide related videos
After playing a video, YouTube always shows related videos. The disadvantage is that YouTube can sometimes show unwanted videos or even videos from competitors. Would you rather turn off related videos? Then add '& rel = 0' to the URL in the embed code.

9. Prevent the regional YouTube filter
Some videos can only be viewed in certain countries. Your IP address is used to determine whether or not you are allowed to see a video. You can work around this by changing the URL as follows: to This will not work for the videos where embedding is disabled . But there is still a trick to think of. You can often download these videos to your computer with (see point 10), but also with !

10. Download YouTube video
This is not quite a YouTube trick, but very useful if you want to download a video from YouTube to your computer. You just need to change the YouTube URL to Kickyoutube. Then you will be directly redirected to the website with all options to download the video you are watching.

Bonus tip:
If you want to learn how to make money with YouTube, there's a great 1-hour webinar that is FREE from guru Matt Par.  He show how to create videos without any technical experience, and more importantly, how to monetize a YouTube channel that pays you while you sleep.  And he shows how to make videos (that get views) without ever showing your face.  Sign up free here and get sent the link to your email address.

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

Matt Par's YouTube Training. Honest REVIEW | Is Matt Par Legit?

I had been contemplating starting a YouTube channel for probably 5 years.   Actually it’s probably longer than that if we count the times ha...